In Memory of Tom Croston (1909 - 2006)
The beloved neighbor. A legacy of community service.

Tribute to Thomas Frank Croston

All the townspeople knew Tom. Born on July 27, 1909, Tom was a lifelong resident who farmed his land southwest of Hazard. He loved the land and was gifted in working with tools and machinery. In 1976 Tom "retired" from his farm and moved into town. But for the next quarter of a century, he would continue to serve Hazard, and his work would be evidenced each day. For many years it was a common sight to see him on the tractor mowing along Hazard's streets, or maintaining the downtown sidewalks, or helping out a local business, including the Hazard cafe. Along with enjoying morning coffee with the locals, he was often on hand for community events and assisted in the preparation of them as well. Blessed with a mental sharpness throughout his life, Tom liked to read and keep up on current events. On Sunday mornings, you could spot him making his morning walk to Faith Lutheran.

Though an unassuming man of gentle demeanor, Tom was featured in Section A of the Sunday, March 17, 2002 ed. of the Los Angeles Times. Additionally, his picture appeared multiple times in local newspapers, including The Sherman County Times and The Ravenna News. With his passing on July 15, 2006, he leaves behind a legacy of memories; including his wit and positive attitude that endured throughout his golden years