Image of Hazard Nebraska's Post Office, located on Market Street
The Former Hazard Post Office

Due to postal consolidations & reorganizations, our local post office was closed on January 21, 2005. Beginning with the early mail deliveries by rail in the late 1800s, to the sod homes once used for mail distribution, the vital history of our postal system will be long remembered by area residents.  

Photo of Hazard's Post Office with our Officer in Charge

Photo of school field trip to the post office

Above: Joy A. Hawkins, who was Hazard's last postal worker.

Education outside the classroom: Hazard Public School students took a field trip to learn about our post office and how the mail system works.

The following excerpt was written by Mildred Trumble and published in "Wheels of Time," Ola Criffield, editor. Joy Hawkins contributed to the additional updates. Mrs. Trumble's service as postmaster represents the longest tenure in Hazard's history, --a career that extended close to three and a half decades.

The Hazard Post Office is still serving the people of this community in 2000. For this we are very thankful because many small offices have closed due to the economy of the time and the fact that rural population is declining.

The Bentora Post Office was established on October 2, 1882 on the George Bent farm. Mary Bent served as Postmaster. The name was changed on January 14, 1887 when Edward Munn bought it and moved it to the newly established town of Hazard. A frame building housed the post office but the Munns continued to live in their soddy. The post office was about a block East of where the town's flag pole now stands.

In the early days the post office was housed in various locations, including resident homes as well as hardware and grocery stores. In September 1957 A.W. Trumble remodeled and moved the former Capellen School building to Lot 4, Block 11 so to give the post office its own home, --and a permanent one as it is still located there today. 

The Hazard Post Office has had rural routes since July 1, 1908. Hiyo Aden was instrumental in setting up the initial routes. At the time there were few roads or fences and very few sign posts for the rural carriers to follow. The people we know who have served as rural route carriers include: Jergen H. Clausen, Leroy Brewer (killed at a railroad crossing), John F. Aden, and Carl Kucera. Since the time Hazard joined with the Ravenna route, the carriers serving this longer route include: Jim Majors, Harvey Adamson, Larry Rathjen, and Gary Douglas. In addition, there have been a number of substitute carriers as well. 

In 1886 the railroad came through Hazard and express service was established. Mail was received and dispatched by train until 1960 or 1961 when trucking services took over the job. At present, a mail truck from the Grand Island office stops by twice a day to deliver and pick up outgoing mail respectively.

The Postmasters of Bentora, including the date of beginning service:

  • Mary Bent, October 2, 1882

  • Thomas Davidson, March 30, 1883

The Postmasters of Hazard:

  • Florence Davidson, January 14, 1887

  • John Davidson, March 14, 1888

  • John L. Cressler, May 20, 1889

  • Edward Munn, February 21, 1891

  • Fredrick H. Fuller, May 6, 1907

  • Lottie Trumble, March 17, 1922

  • Mildred Trumble, July 19, 1944

  • June Tesmer, 1980 (O.I.C. from 1978-1980)

  • Sonya Shepardson, 1999 (O.I.C.)

  • Joy Hawkins, October 8, 1999 to present (O.I.C.)