The Planting Season
Images of the planting season
Sowing the seeds of corn in a field south of Hazard, Nebraska on May 16th, 2003

Every April & May planting can been seen across the fruited plains of our region. As seen in the above picture, roots from last year's stalks remain as new seeds are planted between rows from last year. This is done as a means of soil conservation as the existing roots serve to reduce soil erosion. The corn seeds are red in color as they are coated with an insecticide, and the planter injects liquid anhydrous ammonia fertilizer into the rows as the seeds are sown. Thus, these little guys are debugged and nourished before getting covered up. Most corn planting in our area takes place between May 4th and May 21st as germination is best when the average temperature at 2 inch soil depth is at least 55F. Soybeans like it a little warmer as germination is favorable when soil temps are 60F or more. Spring wheat and barley are good to go at 40F; and alfalfa and oats are fine with 45 soil temps.

Photo of planting corn in a field
View of freshly planted corn rows.
Picture of corn seeds
A couple seeds ready to begin their journey on May 16th.
Photo of young corn stalks
Our two little bugaboos as seen two weeks later (May 30th)

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