Hazard's Harvest Season
Picture of a combine in a soybean field in rural Nebraska
A farmer reaping his soybeans in a field that overlooks Hazard. Photo taken October 7, 2002.

Eb Dawson & Arnold the Pig in Green Acres
Above: Arnold Ziffel giving Eb Dawson the Nebraska weather report (wav 115kb).

The fall harvest is an intense but rewarding time for area crop producers. Combines, wagons, & grain trucks mark the fields & roadside as corn, soybeans, & silage crops are harvested from morning to sunset.

Though the landscape may still resemble scenes from Green Acres, producers are without the sound advice from Arnold the Pig. Thus, like the farmer in the John Deere pictured above, they rely on modern day advances including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that takes farming into space. One of twenty-four orbiting satellites used for GPS pinpoint & track this combine's location in the field. Along with the onboard crop & soil sensors, the farmer is able to monitor crop yield data in real time, as illustrated in the left photo.

The data collector saves this information to disk enabling the farmer to insert it in his home computer. From there, the field data can be mapped & analyzedallowing for more precision planting in the spring. In sum, the data helps prescribe the optimal rate & mix for seed, fertilizer, water, etc. for various locations in the field.

Another harvest feature is the wagon transport driver, who drives in sync alongside the moving combine whenever the load needs emptied. The grain is transferred via the combine's auger. This allows the combine to continue harvesting without having to stop to unload. In addition, the field wagon driver collects data from the scale monitor (pictured below). The monitor records the weight of each load that will be transferred to the roadside grain trucks (semi trailers) via the wagon's auger. With a push of a button, the monitor also totals each field's yield. The trucks will then transport the yield to an area grain elevator or the farmer's own storage silo.

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Photo of a combine harvesting a soybean field
Frontal view of a soybean harvest in progress.
.Picture of a harvest scale monitor
Field transport driver recording the scale readings.
Picture of soybeans
Boiling with beans: A look at the rear window from inside the combine's cab. A raw soybean eaten from the pod tastes like a garden pea with a nutty flavor.
Photo of a combine harvesting a cornfield
But enough about soybeans... meanwhile, kin folk are harvesting a cornfield just south of Hazard. The combine heads show a markedly different look.
Photo of corn being picked by the combine
A view of the corn harvest from inside the cab.
Image of a combine and wagon in an area cornfield
The transport driver's wagon seen traveling alongside.

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