Picture of Beaver Creek in rural Hazard Nebraska
Photo of Beaver Creek south of Hazard on an early April morning.

Photo of the river southwest of town

Left: Beaver Creek is noted for its springs along its route. This writer had mental notes of all the underwater springs while growing up as these given locations were "soft spots" for the unsuspecting ice skater (twice I discovered the hard way the location of a spring). Irrigating is regulated, and is used by area crop growers during summer months. Photo taken west of Hazard in June 2001.

Below: A view of the bridge from below the Hazard cemetery.
Picture of the bridge crossing Beaver Creek

Picture of Beaver Creek State Wayside AreaLeft: The old Beaver Creek State Wayside Area located 1 miles north of Hazard. Before the state disbanded maintenance due to budget cuts during the 1970s, resident families enjoyed the playground equipment, barbeque grills, and the old well. Today, a variety of wildlife can be spotted throughout this wooded area.

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