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Photo of Holstein cows by the cow tank in a rural farm yard Cows are cool. And around here, our beloved Angus, Hereford, and Holstein cows are abundant. Our cows are never far from home, as evidenced by the photo to the left taken a few miles north of Hazard. The featured Holsteins above are hanging out a couple miles west of Hazard. Charolais and Simmentals are also cool customers that roam our area.
QuickTime Cow Videos:
(Starring our Hazard Holsteins)
Cows demonstrating their coolness (715kb)
Cow grazing - close up (800kb)
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Cow Sounds:
We got Cows
(wav 21kb)
A lot of beef (wav 28kb)
Moo (wav 3kb)
(Edited cow sounds taken from the movie "Twister.")

Area cow photos - permission required for use of pictures

Image of Black Angus cows and calves grazing in the pastureAngus photo - picture of a Black Angus bullLeft: Picture of Angus cows and their calves grazing in a pasture west of Hazard at early dawn. The white face cow is a first cross (F1) of an Angus x Hereford. Right: A Black Angus bull shows his physique as sunset nears in this pasture east of town.
Picture of Hereford bullsHereford photo - picture of a Hereford cow nursing her calfLeft: Picture of Hereford cow demonstrating her maternal instincts with her calf in a pasture east of town. Right: Three Hereford bulls display their sharp stature on a farm that raises Polled Herefords north of Hazard. Photos taken September 2002.
Holstein photos - picture of Holstein steersHolstein cow photos - picture of Holstein cowsLeft: Picture of young Holstein cows hamming it up for the camera west of town in October 2002. Right: Three Holstein steers ponder the photo opportunity in this pasture east of town. Photo taken September 2002. Additional Holstein pictures & trivia can be found off our Hazard Holstein Fan Page.
Picture of a Charolais bullCharolais herd photo - picture of Charolais cowsLeft: Picture of Charolais cows and their calves grazing on a north hill that overlooks Hazard. Right: A meat & potatoes Charolais bull oversees the herd while grazing during this September afternoon in 2002.
Simmental cow phtoto - Picture of Simmental cow and calfPicture of Simmental cows grazing in the pastureLeft: Picture of a Simmental cow heading up a hill east of town. Right: Simmental cows showing their multi-colored nature, be it red and white, light brown, rich brown, etc. Photos taken in September 2002
Corriente photo - picture of Corriente cowsPicture of Texas Longhorn cowsLonghorns are a sturdy class recognized as the oldest breed of cattle in North America. Left: Corriente cows were brought to America by the Spanish as early as 1493. They run a bit smaller but have really cool horns. Photo of this herd taken west of Hazard. Right: The well recognized Texas Longhorn was tailored entirely by nature here in North America. These cool critters are hanging out on the prairie east of town. Photos taken in September 2002.

Picture of a Cattle Crossing sign along a country roadPicture of a farmer on his four wheeler checking cowsLeft: One of many cattle crossing signs - to help protect Hazard's finest. Right: While horses are still used for checking and rounding up cattle, three and four-wheelers are practical alternatives as evidenced by this farmer and his son east of Hazard.

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