While our region is best known for its corn and cows, a variety of unlikely creatures accompany some of our Hazard farms. From peacocks to llamas, all of Donna and Leroy's "pets" enjoy roaming their home on the range, each a bit spoiled with their own turf, tailored diet, free rent, and TLC. Above Left: Oscar (a Rhea) takes a treat from Donna. No puppy-like gratitude from Oscar, --for him, it's just his due entitlement. But what he lacks in personality is surely compensated by his, um, "beauty." Right: Pals Lacey and Leroy (Laceys' the llama - Leroys' the human).

Left to Right: Tom, --one of their Royal Palm turkeys; a mother Pekin Duck with her babes; a pair of Runner Ducks; & a mother Guinea with her babes.

Click on the left image below to view some birds that only their owners could love. For the four-legged variety, click on the right image to see their llamas. 

Image of Emus

Left: Zena, one of their Emus. Right: Oscar taking his rightful place at center stage.

Precious, their white kitten, checking out the youngest llama, Autumn Lace (foreground) with Spuds (behind) looking on.

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