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Pop-Up Video producer Paul Leo doesn't suffer fools gladly, but he's more than happy to give their letters and e-mails the treatment they deserve.

What you'll see here are real letters and e-mails that, for one reason or another, have inspired Paul to respond. Some have politely called his responses "grumpy" -- others feel he is a sorely needed voice of truth.

We've edited some of the letters for length, but have gone to great lengths to preserve the original spelling and syntax so you can get an idea of the kinda of people that write to us.

Warning: Any and all vicious insults, crass insensitivity, angry outbursts, violent threats, haughty sarcasm, frank language, partial nudity, unseemly behavior, shocking lewdness, incomprehensible stupidity, unsavory odors, and general lasciviousness do not necessarily reflect the opinions, aspirations or odors of Pop-Up Video, Spin the Bottle Inc., or, really, anyone else beside Paul. Consider yourself warned.

Dear Pop-Up Video:

Anyway... asking you to consider popping "Hazard" by Richard Marx. We have a Hazard, NE web site where part of it is devoted to the video Hazard vs. the real Hazard, includes residents polls, trivia, opinions, etc. Our Url is:

-Steve C.

Steve --

Thanks for suggesting we pop the Richard Marx "Hazard" video -- a comparison of the real Hazard with the fictional Hazard would indeed be a very funny and eminently pop-like treatment of the video and it sounds like your website and the citizens of Hazard would be very helpful in popping the thing. There's only one problem; it's a Richard Marx song.

I guess it's just your town's misfortune to have been "immortalized" by one of this century's blandest musical artists. I'm not saying it will never happen, just that after only three years of popping, we here at Pop-Up Video are not so desperate for videos that we would consider doing another Richard Marx video unless it was an undeniably mammoth hit.

But when that time comes we will certainly be in touch. And of course feel free to keep lobbying us with cash and/or food gifts in the meantime.


Paul Leo,
Producer Pop-Up Video

Addendum: though not posted on the site, there was a following email exchange with Paul in July, 1999:


Aauugh! No, Richard Marx is not the lamest of the 20th century, that title belongs to Brian Adams, just watched your pop of his "Everything I Do" EEEK! Dude, please don't do that again. And please don't replay that stupid Elton John-on-the-beach thing either. It's awful.


Sorry, we popped Bryan in a moment of weakness -- he's such an easy target with that bad skin and all, it makes you downright sympathetic. Also, FYI, we have no control over where, when or how often our shows are played; we just pop the videos, mang.  You'll have to complain to VH1 about Elton's beach frolic -- PL


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