The following is reposted with permission from Shawn Riley in Australia. Please email Shawn if you have any questions about the music sheet, or if asking permission regarding use of his Hazard MID or sheet music. Enjoy! 

Sheet Music to Hazard

Here you'll find the full score arrangements to the Hazard sheet music. They're all monochrome, uninterlaced GIFs. They're a bit patchy at the moment.

Low resolution images (180dpi) - 1213 × 1748 pixels - Part 1 (34kb) - Part 2 (45kb) - Part 3 (40kb) - Part 4 (40kb) - Part 5 (44kb) - Part 6 (40kb) - Part 7 (32kb) If you don't understand the drum lines, go here for an explanation

Viewing tip - If your screen resolution is 1280 × 1024 or higher, you shouldn't have horizontal scroll bars.
Printing tip - The images should fit on A4 pages if you set your graphics program &/or your printer's resolution to 180dpi × 180dpi.

Here you can listen to or download my MID file of Hazard, that's if you haven't got it already. When I transcribed Hazard, I firstly made this MID, then converted it back to the sheet music you'll find at the top.

Disclaimer: I didn't write Hazard. I'm just a guy who worked out the notes in the song & made it available to you all as a MID & sheet music. As far as I know it's correct, but I can't guarantee its accuracy because I haven't checked with the musicians who were involved in the actual recording on the ‘Rush Street’ album. But I think it's pretty close.

Email: Shawn Riley (Roley)
Shawn Riley's home Page

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