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Welcome to Hazard's Richard Marx page. Not familiar with Richard Marx? not a Hazard local? Then see our home page for a glance at the village of Hazard, Nebraska. Then read our intro to Richard Marx and the song "Hazard" a darker version of Hazard that Richard Marx introduced to the world in 1991.

Veteran Actor Robert Conrad
The Video Sheriff

Sherman County Sheriff James Kugler
The Real Sheriff

"...from the time I was 16, he's been a good friend. Bob's the kind of guy you could call at 3 in the morning from jail and say, 'I need you to bring me $10,000 and don't ask me any questions.' He'd be there." --RICHARD MARX
The Wild Wild Western actor, stuntman, & singer played the role of Hazard's chief law enforcer with veteran skill; leaving some to admire him, while others viewed him with suspicion. Among area residents, Robert Conrad's notoriety not only surpasses Richard's, but our female residents consider him the sexiest man in the video (though Richard has a strong hold on 2nd place). Here's a photo of Robert and Richard taken during summer 2000; along with additional photos of Robert with the Marx family during the filming of the Hazard video.
Had Richard been a real suspect, he would have been interrogated by the man who helps keep our community safe, —Sherman County Sheriff James O. Kugler. Hazard is one of five communities within the jurisdiction of Sherman County. Exonerated? Cover-up? When requesting a photo in a 3-1-99 interview, Sheriff Kugler said he had no knowledge of any story regarding a possible murder involving Richard Marx & Mary. After explaining who the singer was, Sheriff Kugler stated he was not familiar with Richard Marx, and was not aware of any song or video. (Mr. Marx: We would supply you the address to the sheriff’s office if you would be willing to send a copy of "Rush Street" to our sheriff.) The Sunday, 3-17-02 edition of The Los Angeles Times published an article that featured Sheriff Kugler as well as Hazard's senior resident. The article mentions the life-size poster of John Wayne that adorns the wall in our sheriff's office.


Richard Marx Hazard
Hazard Video

Richard Marx in front of the Hazard post office
Hazard, Nebraska

Richard made a visit to Hazard as seen in the photo in front of the downtown post office. The date of his visit is uncertain, but best recollections place it on the morning of May 31, 1992.

Renee Parent - Mary
Ms. Renee Parent--"Mary"

Hazard's Mary
Our (one and only) Mary

"She [Renee] was, next to my wife, of course, and Tawny Fere from the "Angelia" video, - my favorite video co-star." --RICHARD MARX
Left: Before her role as Mary, Renee Parent had Daredreamer star Tim Noah walking on Cloud 9, while playing the role of a beautiful but snobbish school girl with mischievous wit. From the spirited urban professional she portrayed as a guest star in Beverly Hills 90210 to her tragic scene with Russell Crowe in No Way Back, Renee has enjoyed unique roles over the past decade.

Since her co-starring role with Richard Marx, the name Mary has become a commonly associated word with our community. For some, she was the small town girl who had questionable judgment, a distaste for authority, and was less than innocent. Yet, all agree that her character typified the strength of a rural dweller: Namely, one who could generate her own fun and livelihood within a quiet, small town environment. Thus, the contrasting images of her still, lifeless body fueled the haunting theme surrounding this video. Right: This 1999 photo shows Hazard's own Mary gearing up for the horse trail ride on the morning of the Hazard Daze celebration. And what does our real Mary say about what happened to Mary? And how does she view Richard? Hmm, maybe we can finally solve this...

Jennifer O'Neill in the Hazard Video

"...when I was a kid I saw Summer of '42 and fell helplessly in love with Jennifer, as did the world ...She's great in it [the Hazard video] ...I'm so thankful to have been able to work with her." 

Actress Jennifer O'Neill
Left: Richard's mother as seen from his boyhood flashbacks. "Mom" was yet another character with mixed reviews: "She herself a victim, victimized by the boy's father, and by the boy himself." ..."She was the subtle serpent responsible for inviting the demons into her son's life." ..."Like Richard, she just wanted to be loved." ..."Woman of ill-repute." ..."She was both predator and prey, --the subject for coffee talk." ..."Her scenes provided the inroads into Richard's psyche." 
Right: Born in Brazil; moved to America at an early age; discovered her love and loyalty to animals as a child; academic honor student and international model as a teen; --and her life's story had just begun. Meet actress
Jennifer O'Neill.
Beaver Creek west of Hazard, Nebraska

I think about my life gone by
And how its done me wrong

There's no escape for me this time
All of my rescues are gone, long gone


Beaver Creek south of Hazard, Nebraska
Beaver Creek has been enjoyed by area youths for generations. The two most likely scenes for Mary’s last visit are pictured above. Left: The river bank and the gravel road (insert) to the river that is mile west of Hazard. A likely site where area youths receive their first kiss. Right: Located just mile south of Hazard; also accessed via gravel road. A less traveled site; offers more seclusion for its visitors. Additional photos are available at our photo gallery.

Hazard is blessed with many senior members, many of which are retired farmers. We are able to glean much wisdom from them, but not necessarily in the area of adult contemporary music. Without the benefit of offering RM background information, here are some of the answers we received when asking them about the RM scandal, what happened to Mary, etc.
— "was that the guy who lived in the [north] lot? worked for Arnold for a while I think. What ever happened to him?"
— "Marx scandal? I dunno, was he part of that Monica Lewinski thing?"
— "this Grandma thinks he’s cute, not Garth cute, but cute!"
— "he’s probably an L.A. or New York boy. If I were him, I’d be dreaming my way out of his town."
— "oh, heh, oh, that singer right? I heard he stopped here, guess we should have taken him fishing."

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