Excerpts from some of the our reviews...

"In reviewing your site we have found it to be -- well we're not quite sure. You should be very proud of the work you have done, we think... I actually looked at the whole site...and for what? Hell if I know. But it sure was... ummm, let's see, well never mind.
--The Internet Brothers

"OK...I think the sheriff did it...this site is about the village of Hazard, Nebraska, where Richard Marx wrote and sang about the death of Mary. Confused? check it out. A quirky little site but strangely compelling."
--Webguide Reviews

"Your site is one of those totally useless, but totally great things to have on the Internet that helps make it the great, anarchic thing that it is."

Itís about a real town which was immortalized in a song and video which werenít really about it...oh, just check it out for yourself. Weird but intriguing.
 --Well-Written Web Award

Remember that Richard Marx song "Hazard"? Believe it or not, this tune, about the mysterious death of a woman named Mary in a small Nebraska town, has inspired an entire website. As soon as you enter the site, you'll get a Midi version of the song. To get the lyrics and a background on the tune, click on "Introduction to Richard Marx." Few songs are important enough to merit their own websites. This gripping tale of a death in Hazard, Nebraska, is one such song.
Silly One, http://SillyOne.com/

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