Actress Renee Parent - Our little Miss Mary
Renee Parent as Cindy in the movie Daredreamer

Images of Renee Parent in "No Way Back" and "Beverly Hills 90210"
Top: Renee Parent with Russell Crowe in No Way Back (1996)
Below: Renee with Steve (Ian Ziering) and Kelly (Jennie Garth) guest starring in Beverly Hills 90210

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In 1990 Renee Parent arrived on screen as Winston's (Tim Noah) attractive but unattainable high school dream girl (as seen above) in the movie Daredreamer. As the over-conceited Cindy Spider, her devilish prank on Winston provided the prelude to her first music video performance - in a fun song titled Cloud 9 (produced and performed by Tim Noah). Two years later she resurfaced as Mary, whose role generated the haunting mystery in Richard Marx's Hazard music video (1992). Ten years later, questions surrounding Mary's tragic fate remains a topic of ongoing debate.

In 1993 Renee had a bit part in NBC's SeaQuest in the episode titled "seaWest" where she was cast as one of the beauties in an underwater mining colony. Renee made several appearances in 1994. She played Claudette Wells, a prominent person in the Rolling Stones organization in Beverly Hills 90210. The 5th season episode was titled "Rock of Ages." She also guest starred in the sitcom The Good Life playing the attractive woman in the episode "Maureen's Play." As well, she was cast as the "2nd stunning beauty" in the '94 movie Cityscrapes: Los Angeles - a film we've viewed twice now and have no clue what it's about. All we know is, like "Hazard," it was filmed in black & white. In 1996 she played Russell Crowe's dying wife in the action movie No Way Back. From bubbly to melancholy, this low-key actress has accomplished a variety of roles. 

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Photos of Renee Parent in "Cityscrapes: Los Angeles" and the Hazard music video
Top: Renee as beautiful woman #2 in Cityscrapes: Los Angeles (1995)
Below: Portraying Mary in the Hazard music video

Images from Hazard
Additional Photos of Renee