Opening scene from the movie Coach of the YearCoach of the Year (1980)

Photos of Daphne Reid, Erin Gray, and Robert Conrad
Robert Conrad starred as Jim Brandon, a former Bears football player whose tour in Vietnam left him wheelchair-bound. Brandon starts a football team at the St. Charles youth prison. The the cast included Daphne Reid (above), a teacher/counselor at the prison, and Erin Gray as Jim's sister.   

Photos of David Raynr and Red West
The cast also included David Raynr (left) as the St. Charles quarterback and Ricky Paull Goldin as Andy DeFalco. Long-standing co-star Red West (center) played the role of the St. Charles superintendent.

Photos of Richard Marx - #44
#44 Richard Marx, --the brash, outspoken star athlete for the opposing team.

final scenes

Coach of the Year credits

Robert Conrad
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