The following 1992 article originally published in the The Kearney Hub and is reprinted with permission.
Article written by Betty Kuszak

Richard Marx in front of the Hazard Post Office
courtesy photo

An unannounced visit by pop singer Richard Marx took Hazard residents by surprise Sunday morning, as he and his band rolled through Nebraska following a performance in North Platte.

According to Hazard mayor Mike Long, Marx's tour bus pulled into the community of 78 around 10 a.m. Long said Marx had his picture taken in front of the Hazard road sign and the post office. Marx's band members also bought ice uptown and picked up a few Hazard Daze t-shirts, Long said. Long estimated that the singer and his band were in town for 20-30 minutes, but only a handful of residents were aware of their presence. Long said when he found out Marx was in town, he tried to talk with him, but the entourage moved on without the singer mingling or visiting with any of the townspeople.

Long said the town may contact Marx and request copies of the photos taken while he was there.

Marx is known for his Top-10 hit "Hazard" from earlier this year, which momentarily cast the small central Nebraska village in the national spotlight.

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