She [Cynthia] has turned down offers to pose for Playboy, and rejects flat-out all scripts calling for nudity. Vouches Sly [Stallone], "This girl would quit the business before doing anything to embarrass her parents." Okay, she does like to wear minidresses and stiletto heels that showcase her stunning legs. But if there is yes-yes in her style, there is "no-way" on her lips. "I have moral values that I want to live up to," says Cindy, who was raised a Baptist. -excerpt from the 7-25-83 article in People Magazine; written by Carol Wallace

Dancer Cynthia Rhodes in the Rosanna music video by Toto
A QuickTime video clip of Rosanna is available off our video page.

Cynthia Rhodes was the featured dancer in the popular music video "Rosanna" performed by the L.A. band Toto. According to Toto's website, this international hit "was written by David Paich, who named the song after Steve Porcaro's girlfriend at that time, actress Rosanna Arquette."

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