Animotion Bassist Charles Ottavio, along with singers Astrid Plane & Bill Wadhams founded the synth pop group Animotion in 1984. They scored their signature Top Ten hit "Obsession" in early '85. "Let Him Go" was another hit single from the self-titled album. Guitarist Don Kirkpatrick and keyboard player Greg Smith were among the album's contributors.

The founding members left the band during the recording of their third album. Polygram Records, not wanting to lose their investment, went forward with the project using the vocal talents of Cynthia Rhodes and Paul Engemann, along with Don & Greg. The album enjoyed a Top Ten hit with "Room to Move" in April, 1989. "Calling it Love" was another single that made the charts. Their success was to be brief as the members disbanded shortly thereafter.

Sound clips (Cynthia and Paul on vocals)
Room to Move
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In February, 2001 the original members reunited to perform live after a 14 year departure. Citing their enjoyment with the reunion show, they continue to book performances. Their latest release "Obsession: The Best of Animotion" is available on CD at Amazon - see also Animotion's official site.

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