Cases of Interest

 --Excerpts reprinted from the Nebraska Sheriff's Association yearbook that was loaned to us by Sheriff Kugler.

The first murder in Sherman County was the shooting of E.D. Chapman by George McKellar on February 28, 1877. It was decided that the prisoner was to remain at the home of his parents, since the County had no jail. McKellar was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment May 31, 1877.

On Thursday June 26th, 1941 an accident turned to murder 2 miles west of Litchfield. Carl Anderson and his wife, Evelyn O'Brien Anderson, on their way home from Mason City appeared to have an accident. Mr. Anderson accompanied by Sheriff Hancock went to Chicago where Mr. Anderson would be subject to a grilling in the lie detector laboratory of the famed crime scientist, Leonardo Keeler. Mr. Anderson jumped out of a fifth floor window in Chicago. The Coroner's Jury found that Mrs. Anderson "came to her death from blows on the head feloniously inflicted by her husband with a piece of iron pipe."