Reprinted from the July 7, 1972 issue of Life Magazine, centerfold page.


Life Magazine photo of rural life in America - picture of the historic home taken in 1972

It's hard to hear America singing anymore. We have somehow mislaid even the easy hot dog and firecracker meaning of the Fourth of July, and it requires an act of faith to call up the images of a land we all like to think we once knew --an America framed in affection. Many of us, jammed in cities or suburban clusters, never get the chance to find out if it's all really still there. But Leon Kuzmanoff, a photographer born in Chisholm, Minn. and now living in New York City, has been returning to that America with wistful regularity for three years. The product of the first year of these pilgrimages won for Kuzmanoff the Grand Prize in the 1970 Life Photo Contest. He has continued his visits to places like Snow Hill, Churchtown, Sister Bay, and Hazard --places chosen by his wife, Darus, a poet from Wyoming, for their virtues of euphony and remoteness. Kuzmanoff works from before dawn until dusk comes on, asking strangers suddenly to stand still, hoping he can beat a sunset over a ridge. If he misses something, he has lost it forever, because he will be going on to another place and won't be back again. --photo by Leon Kuzmanof

Night photo of the historic house in December 2001Addendum: Since the article, Agnes continued to enjoy her residency here until her passing in 1986. Since then, the featured home has underwent remodeling but has been maintained in its original state.