In Memory of

Lenore King
1907 - 1983

Who showed us how to serve in Christian spirit... whose relentless efforts taught us what could be accomplished... and whose personality reminded us how blessed we are to be part of this community.

A Tribute to My Friend, Lenore King
by Ola Criffield 
(originally published in "Wheels of Time")

Lenore Reinertson King was born in Hazard in 1907 where she grew up. Lenore was a very talented person, a leader with an outgoing, friendly personality. She graduated from Kearney State College, but continued taking classes occasionally. Lenore taught English, Home Economics, Speech, and Latin in the Amherst High School for 29 years. In 1972, the Amherst students dedicated their schoolbook annual, "The Bronco" to her. It stated: "Mrs. King's opinions and advice have been sought by many and valued highly. Her teaching has been an asset to her students and her absence will be felt."

Lenore and I rode to Amherst together for a number of years, as I was guidance counselor, and I loved her cheerful personality so much. She saw beauty in a snowflake, in a field of corn, and in the green grass. Each day was a new adventure to Lenore.

She planned to write the history of Hazard, so I know she would have enjoyed our "Wheels of Time" centennial book. She also won the regional "Good Neighbor" award for unselfish and charitable deeds beyond the field of personal gain or welfare, thus exemplifying the good neighbor spirit of the Midwest.