Though Hazard Daze has been discontinued in recent past, it provided many great memories thanks to the leadership of Bob & Maryann McCauley & many other volunteers. The following highlights are from the last Hazard Daze held in 2002.

HAZARD DAZE - August 10, 2002
Sponsored by the Hazard Volunteer Fire Dept.

Hazard Daze: That time of year when the number of horses in town rival our resident population; and hundreds of out of town guests are welcomed to our community. Great weather, great hospitality, great food, and a lot of hard work and planning by our community leaders and volunteers contributed to another successful Hazard Daze celebration. To our volunteers we dedicate this section. Thanks y'all for the wonderful events.

Horse Trail Ride - 8AM
Picture of the Horse Trail Ride
Vital Statistics:
 Official Hazard population - 66
Number of horses on deck - 63
Riders falling off their horse - 3
12oz. beverages consumed - 4
In short, another great
Trail Ride:
Horseshoe Throwing - 11AM
Photos of the horseshoe throwing contest
Once again, seasoned competitors from around the region as well as those throwing just for fun were welcome to participate in this year's Horseshoe Throwing Contest.
Bull Barrel & Shovel Ride - Noon
Pictures of the bull barrel and horse shovel ride
Thanks to some creative volunteers, a Bull Barrel & Shovel Pull was available for both young and old after the horse trail ride. The event was held west of the school.
Kiddie Tractor Pull - 1PM
Images of the kiddie tractor pull
It's always a hoot & a holler at the Kiddie Tractor Pull, and this year was no exception. The talented young participants provided all the heart pounding action of the big tractor pull, --but without the dust.
NETPA Tractor Pull - 3PM
Photos of the Tractor Pull
Large crowds and a popular concession stand accompanied this year's Tractor Pull that featured the Nebraska Tractor Pulling Association Sanction Pull. Spectators enjoyed a variety of tractors, trucks, and even a couple semi pulls. 
Downtown Barbecue - 6-9PM
Picture of the downtown barbecue dinner
The action downtown began with a well received beef and pork Barbeque Dinner served at the fire hall. Chow was served from 6pm - 9pm with seating on main street.
Downtown Dance 9PM - 1AM
Image of the Main Street Dance featuring the country music of the Good-O-Boys

This year's Main Street Evening Dance featured good 'ol live music from the Good-O-Boys of Loup City. Country music and waltzes echoed through downtown Hazard as the crowd visited, danced, and enjoyed good food and drink at the Wolf Den cafe.
Hazard Daze at Night
Photo of the downtown landscape during Hazard Daze
A glimpse of the village as the evening wore on.
Our Unsung Heroes...
Photo of senior resident Tom Croston mowing the grounds downtown
God bless our many volunteers.
Thank you!

The Hazard Volunteer Fire Dept. extends their congratulations to the following Hazard Daze raffle winners:
Lynda Psota of Ravenna - winner of the $600 trip of her choice
Jean Tesmer of Hazard - winner of the Weber Gas Grill
Ed Zweiner of Pleasanton - winner of the wildlife print


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