The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth
Original air date: October 1, 1965
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The Wild Wild West - Michael Dunn with Richard Kiel The Wild Wild West - Photo of Richard Kiel and Michael Dunn The Wild Wild West - Loveless singing with Antoinette Image of Richard Kiel as Voltaire in The Wild Wild West
Waiting to blow up the professor: Dr. Loveless awaits with his pea-shooter and can say "Peter Piper picked a peck..." with the pea-sized explosive in his mouth. "Hey, don't point that thing at me boss!" Well, he really doesn't talk, but we might guess that's what Voltaire (the giant actor Richard Kiel) was probably thinking. Jim West is posing as a traitor and sitting with Greta, who is a traitor. West must first listen to Loveless and Antoinette sing a duet before gaining information. Though West seems too preoccupied to enjoy the song, Voltaire seems to enjoy their singing just fine, --as evidenced by his snacks and toe tapping.
Photo from The Wild Wild West Images from The Wild Wild West TV series Images from The Wild Wild West episode Image from The Wild Wild West TV show
Thanks to Miss Piecemeal, West's cover is blown and is taken captive in a stagecoach. Fortunately it was rigged by Artemus Gordon allowing West to... ...with a flip of a lever, this henchman gets the clamp that comes out of the wall. ...And with another console gadget, West ejects the stagecoach driver out of the seat... (ouch) and the third captor is ejected through the coach's sunroof. However, it's all for naught as Voltaire is there to prevent West from escaping.
The Wild Wild West - Jim West and Dr Loveless The Wild Wild West - Robert Conrad with Michael Dunn Picture of Michael Dunn as Dr. Loveless The Wild Wild West - pictures of Robert Conrad with Michael Dunn
West gets the trapped floor treatment upon being returned to Dr. Loveless Only West's charm toward Greta could get him out of this mess. To the doctor's demise, Greta sets him free, and begins a moral inventory of her life. Surely these are the things that inspire ballads. Dr. Loveless isn't all bad. Earlier he rescued a fly when it fell in his soup, and has a pet snake named Marsha. However, he will blow-up So. California if the governor doesn't hand the region over to him. As well, this 1870's mad doctor shows West his blueprint of an airplane, as well as his invention of penicillin and the precursor to radio airwaves.
Photos of Robert Conrad doing a stunt on The Wild Wild West Photo of Michael Dunn Photo of Ross Martin and Robert Conrad in The Wild Wild West TV series Photo of Ross Martin, Robert Conrad, and Leslie Parish in The Wild Wild West
West climbs to stop the clock in the church bell tower so to prevent the explosives from going off. Dr. Loveless is none too happy about this and calls West a meddler. Then he really gives West a piece of his mind: "Darn you! Darn you!!" After saving Southern California, Artemus and Jim are reunited back on the train. Artie is delighted that a smorgasbord is prepared. But first, West offers his gratitude to Greta (Leslie Parrish) for turning her life around, and for doing a great job on supper.

.*After the Wild Wild West cast had their weekly football game they would, at times, go to the "Out of Sight" Club where Robert Conrad, Michael Dunn, and other team members would sing the 'ol tunes, like "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." Robert admired Michael's singing, noting his friend's strong, ranging voice . In addition, Phoebe Dorin and Michael Dunn opened for Robert Conrad's 1500 Bay Road nightclub in Miami.

Wild Wild West videosOur Wild Wild West Video Page offers QuickTime clips of Artemus Gordon, James West, & Dr. Loveless.

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Images of Robert Conrad as James West in The Wild Wild West
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Picture of Michael Dunn as Dr. Loveless in The Wild Wild West
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Tom Weaver's interview with Phoebe Dorin: In this exclusive interview, Dorin candidly recounts the highs and lows of her very special friendship with Michael Dunn, the actor with whom she shared stage, nightclub, and TV spotlights. (Includes additional sound clips and photos of Dr. Loveless & Antoinette.)

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