"Beautiful people make beautiful music. Richard brings his honesty into whatever he does. He sings with conviction... his passion and strong emotion is found in his music... I know he's currently working with a number of other artists, including NSYNC. While he has much to offer as a producer, Richard is at his best when Richard sings for Richard." --Robert Conrad

Photo of Robert Conrad and Richard Marx
Chicago, August, 2000
Images from the Hazard music video
"I was a teen when I met Dick, and first knew him as a vocal coach... but he was foremost a musician, --the best musician in Chicago. He was a celebrity in Chicagoland who performed as a jazz pianist in a trio with Johnny Frigo and Lucy Reed, who had a wonderful voice... and Ruth, Richard's mother, was a great singer with a beautiful voice." --Robert Conrad, recounting the early years with his life-long friend, (the late) Dick Marx

"I met Richard on Rush Street. That's where Dick introduced me to his teenage son. He was a good kid... and a good actor." --Robert Conrad

"His ballads. Keep in mind, those like Michael [Dunn] and I were raised in the age of Frank Sinatra. I like romantic music, and Richard sings from the heart." --Robert Conrad, responding to what genre of Richard's music he favors most

"What pisses me off is that he looks younger than me. He's  amazing." -- Richard Marx, commenting on the above photo. (RC fans: No, the Grammy winning songwriter doesn't always speak in poetry, but gets consistent marks for honesty.) The above photo taken during Robert Conrad's stop in Chicago where he paid a visit to Richard in the later part of August, 2000. Their friendship has spanned over two decades.