Robert Conrad with sons
Shane & Christian
Photo of Christian, Shane, and Robert Conrad
Photo of the Conrads in High Mountain Rangers The Conrads as seen working together on the action/adventure series High Mountain Rangers (1988). Matt (Christian Conrad) Hawkes heads a specially trained law enforcement team in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Matt is assisted by his brother Cody (Shane Conrad) and his father Jesse (Robert Conrad) Hawkes.
Christian Conrad Left: Along with High Mountain Rangers, Christian Conrad starred in several movies including Last Time Out (1994) and Charley Hannah (1986). As well, he made notable TV guest appearances in L.A. Heat (1996) and Star Trek Voyager (1995). Likely no one envisioned that Jim West's firstborn son would check in at the height of 6' 3".

Right: Shane Conrad along with actress Jennifer O'Neill, who played the role of mom (Scotty) in the movie Glory Days (1988).

Photos and captions taken from 16 Magazine.

Photo of Shane Conrad and Jennifer O'Neill from the movie Glory Days

Leonard Falk and Jenie Jackson, along with Michael and Phoebe from The Night of the Murderous Spring
All in the family:

Robert Conrad's father, Leonard Falk, guest starred as the deaf mute who served as an attendant for Dr. Loveless. He (right) eventually suffers the turkey-bone-in-the-chest treatment from Jim & Artie in The Night of the Murderous Spring. With the help of fellow guest star Jenie Jackson (Kitten Twitty), this episode has been hailed as one of the best in the Wild Wild West series. Producer Michael Garrison and author Sue Kesler are among those who considered TNOT Murderous Spring a favorite.

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