Michael Dunn - as a Student at the University of Miami 1953-1956

Photo of the Otto G Richter Library at the University of Miami
Otto G. Richter, UM
-on a rainy afternoon

The University of Miami's Otto G. Richter Library, 8th floor Archives and Special Collections Dept., is home to rare photos of UM alum Gary Miller, who would assume the name Michael Dunn a few years later. The following photos are taken from the archives of Tempo, the school's official undergrad magazine. Gary, who joined the staff, was listed as copy editor for Tempo in late 1953 and as managing editor during the spring and fall terms of 1954. During this time, fellow student and friend John Softness was editor-in-chief for the school's newspaper, Miami Hurricane, and also contributed stories to Tempo. After graduation, he served three years in the Air Force and one year later, established The Softness Group, Inc. with his brother Donald. Unforeseen during those UM days, John would eventually become career manager for Michael and stage partner Phoebe Dorin.

All images 1953-1954 University of Miami Tempo.

Photo of University of Miami student Michael Dunn published in Tempo Magazine
Above: A 19 year old Gary Miller is pictured above his "Thank You" article published in the May 1954 issue of Tempo (vol. 5, no. 6, May 1954, p. 2) - 1954 U. Miami.

The magazine won the Sigma Delta Chi award as the nation's number one rated college magazine for four consecutive years1950, '51, '52, & '53. Tempo covered a blend of interests including UM events, editorials, campus life, and fun humor.

  Image of Michael Dunn singing at the M-Club talent night at U. Miami
Above: Gary pictured as a contestant at the M-Club talent night as seen in the November 1953 issue of Tempo (vol. 5, no. 1, Novenber 1953, p. 25) - 1953 U. Miami.
Image of Gary Miller in the 1954 issue of Tempo at the University of Miami

Left: Along with fellow staff members, Gary Miller took his part in a spoof page devoted to photography in the article titled "I am a Camera." It appeared in the November 1954 issue of Tempo (vol. 6, no 1, November 1954, p. 15) - 1954 U. Miami.

Additional Photos and article:
Additonal college photos and article by Gary Miller

Includes an article written by Gary Miller

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