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Images of Michael Dunn with British actors Tom Baker and Donald Pleasence in The MutationsThe Mutations aka The Freakmaker (1973) starring Dr. Who, Dr. Loomis, & Dr. Loveless. Michael played Mr. Burns, a circus freak show promoter along with two co-stars that would become better recognized in years following. The mad scientist (Prof. Nolter) who turned his students into plant-like creatures was Donald Pleasence (lower left photo). He would resurface as Dr. Loomis in John Carpenter's Halloween (1978), and its sequels. Nolter's darkly dressed henchman, Lynch (lower left and middle) is fellow British actor Tom Baker, who would become the next "Dr. Who" (1974-1981) in the popular BBC sci-fi series Dr. Who.
Pictures of Michael Dunn in Murders in the Rue Morgue Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) based on the Edgar Allan Poe story. The setting is a Paris theater where Michael plays Pierre Triboulet, a mysterious if not downright spooky character. But, as with the scarred man he is assisting ("Rene Marot" played by Herbert Lom), perceptions toward the characters change in this film full of twists and turns.
Photo of Michael Dunn with Richard Widmark in Madigan - 1968Madigan (1968) co-starring Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark, and Steve Ihnat. As "Midge Castiglione," Michael plays a real estate businessman/bookie with friends on both sides of the law. Fearing for his life from a criminal at large, Castiglione comes out of exile in Coney Island to help Detective Madigan locate bad guy Barney Benesch. Widmark's portrayal of the tough detective was a benchmark for Dirty Harry.
Picture of Michael Dunn with Elizabeth Hartman in Francis Ford Coppola's You're a Big Boy NowYou're a Big Boy Now (1966) was Francis Ford Coppola's first studio film. It starred the slender, red-headed beauty Elizabeth Hartman. Her character "Barbara" was a man-hating, demising but clever stage performer who only befriended one guy, --writer and fellow stage actor "Richard Mudd" played by Michael Dunn. Memorable scenes include Michael sitting on Elizabeth's lap while typing out his story of her past (upper left photo).
Images of Michael Dunn, George Segal and  Lee Marvin in Stanley Kramer's Ship of Fools - 1965 Ship of Fools (1965) Stanley Kramer's critically acclaimed film that earned Michael Dunn an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. On a ship headed for pre-Hitler Germany, Michael plays an insightful Carl Glocken (narrator of the film), who encourages a young painter (George Segal); advises young lovers and middle aged adults (including Lee Marvin); and forewarns of the rising prejudice against the Jews. Among the notable cast were two Oscar winning actresses, Simone Signoret and Vivien Leigh.

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