Life Magazine
Excerpts from the article
A Dwarf's Full Size Success
February 14, 1964 issue.
Photos by Roddy McDowall; article written by Diana Lurie.

Picture of Phoebe Dorin and Michael Dunn from Life Magazine
At rehearsal of nightclub act which they are preparing, Dunn and Phoebe Dorin discuss song.

All his life he has relentlessly refused to treat himself as a tragedy and is furious when anybody regards him as a cute freak or calls him "kid." It bugs me green, he says, when people assume I am less than human because I'm less than human size. Once a woman took him into her lap and stroked him like a child. He bit her-- because I'm a man, he angrily explained.

Image of British actor Albert Finney talking with Michael Dunn
At Downey's, an actor's hangout, and home to Dunn for five and more hours a day, he talks across the aisle to British actor Albert Finney, star of Tom Jones and Luther.

"I like Downey's partly because most of the time nobody stares at me when there are 48 other people in the room better known than I. When anybody does sneak a look at me, I take it to mean they recognize me from the show. Whether this is right or not, I pretend it is."

Actor Michael Dunn after his performance in The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
After curtain, strain and exhaustion tense Dunn's face. He is on stage most of the play [The Ballad of the Sad Cafe] in a role requiring constant, spiderlike movement.

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