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"During college, I wrote ― rather grandly ― that he was three-foot-ten, 'but every inch is heart.' And once, for TV Guide, I wrote that people always wanted to know how tall he was and I said: '...when you reach for the stars, the stars don't know how tall you are.' ...But, I did know how tall he was. He was six-foot-three and weighed 225 pounds and could throw a football 55 yards. Because that's what Michael thought and because I loved him I thought so too." - manager John Softness

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"There are remarkably few things I can't do in one way or another. I don't try to beat my
limitations, just get around them so, in a way, they don't ever exist." - Michael Dunn

Photo of a young Gary Miller as a student editor at the University of MiamiPhotos and captions of a young Michael Dunn during his college years at the University of Miami. Picture of Michael Dunn with acting and singing partner Phoebe DorinTom Weaver's interview with Phoebe Dorin, who recounts her career & friendship with Michael Dunn. Michael Dunn medical biography: Includes personal history as well as medical aspects.
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Image of Michael Dunn as featured in the 1964 Life Magazine ArticleLife Magazine article on Michael Dunn: Excerpts and photos from the 1964 issue titled "A Dwarf's Full-Size Success." Pictures of Michael Dunn from various films, including Ship of FoolsMovie images: Photos from Michael Dunn's starring and supporting roles from various films.

Photos of Lauderdale Memorial Park cemetery, Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaMichael's burial site at Lauderdale Memorial Park.

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"I've always lived with constant pain, so that wasn't a factor in whether I made a life for myself or not,
I could have copped out, lived with my parents and pulled the dwarf bit." -Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn's quotes from the February 14, 1964 issue of Life Magazine

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