Album sleeves and sound clips featuring actor singer Robert Conrad...
Photos courtesy Sebastien Himoun

Video clip of Robert Conrad singing "I Want You (Pretty Baby)" (QuickTime 1.9MB)

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From the original French EP
Album cover of Robert Conrad's french release

From the original US 45
Image of Bob Conrad's original US record

Another original US 45
 Album cover photo of Robert Conrad's original US release

Sound Clips:

Para Toda La Vida
(mp3 455kb)

White Christmas
(mp3 485kb)

Me Conformo
(mp3 455kb)

Noah's Ark
(mp3 483kb)

Additional soundtracks featuring Robert Conrad...

Les Dingues Sont Laches - Palm Springs Weekend soundtrack

Hawaiian Eye Soundtrack

Palm Springs Weekend soundtrack US release

While performing as a singer early in his career, Robert Conrad once worked with a young, up-and-coming artist of similar age who served as his warm-up act. His name was Glen Campbell.
Along with his U.S. records, Warner Bros. also released French and Spanish versions of Conrad's music. His recording of "Me Conformo" enjoyed wide popularity in Latin America. In addition, Conrad learned the art of flamenco dancing during his time in Spain.
During his Wild Wild West days, Conrad and fellow stuntman Dick Cangey traveled rodeo circuits performing live stunts. Conrad would often sing at these events as well.

Robert Conrad | Wild Wild West