"Robert Conrad was a boyhood hero of mine, and from the time I was 16, he's been a good friend. Bob's the kind of guy you could call at 3 in the morning from jail and say, 'I need you to bring me $10,000 and don't ask me any questions.' He'd be there. When I was a kid, before I met him, I just thought he was very cool. After I knew him, I realized how cool he truly is. There is NO bullshit about this guy. What you see is what he is. My father was very fond of him, and Bob was of great comfort to me when Dad passed away." --Richard Marx

"When I knew the concept for the Hazard video, I asked Bob if he'd do the sheriff role, and he agreed without hesitation (or pay, for that matter). He helped me in my acting scenes with him, just as he had when I acted with him when I was a teenager. I truly love this guy, and he seems to grow more cool and handsome with each passing year." --RICHARD MARX

"It was the coldest winter in the history of Chicago, and we shot outdoors. I even got to do a fight scene with Bob. My life was made."  --RICHARD MARX, on his opportunity as a teen to appear with Robert (Oscar "Duke" Ramsey) Conrad in the TV show "The Duke" in 1979. The episode was titled "Nothing 'Cept Noise."

Richard also appeared with Robert Conrad in the movie  "Coach of the Year" (1980) that earned a high share in the Nielsens. Note to RC fans: Long before his concerts or screen appearances with Robert Conrad, you may have seen Richard before, --singing jingles for commercials created by his father, Dick Marx.

Here's a summer 2000 photo of Richard and Robert that includes a few comments from the man himself; and additional photos of RC with the Marx family during the Hazard video shoot.

New: An April 2007 interview with Robert Conrad hosted by syndicated radio personality Shadoe Steele.

Robert Conrad MP3s & Music Video
Audio clips from RC's original recordings. Includes record sleeve photos and a QuickTime video of him singing in Hawaiian Eye.

Scenes from the Hazard Music video starring Richard Marx, Robert Conrad, Jennifer O'Neill, and Renee Parent
The Hazard music video along with clips of Robert Conrad portraying a different style of law enforcement in Jingle All the Way can be found off our video gallery.

Photos of Christian and Shane Conrad, along with Robert's father, Leonard Falk

Photos of Jim West

Image of Robert Conrad as James West

Wild Wild West photo

Image from The Wild Wild West TV series
Clicking on Miss Piecemeal will take you to The Wild Wild West.
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will take you our site devoted to Michael Dunn.
"*Wild, Wild West is my favorite TV show of all time... I loved Bob in Will: The G. Gordon Liddy Story, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, and there's a great movie from 1974 called, Murph The Surph. Love that one." --RICHARD MARX, recounting some of his favorite shows that Robert Conrad has done.
*The Night of the Bubbling Death is one of Richard's many favorite episodes.

In the early years, Robert Conrad worked as a dairyman in Chicago but had his eye on a singing career, as well as hopes for acting. As is documented, Conrad eventually let go of his musical aspirations as he realized there were others that could do it better. However, under the Warner Bros. label, his recordings were released on a variety of LP soundtracks, EP (4 song records), and SP (2 song) records during the late '50s and early '60s. In addition, he performed on American Bandstand during that time, and is a friend of Dick Clark. Richard has one of his singles, "I Want You (Pretty Baby)." The following is a lesser known story:

"Bob was my Dad's milkman in the 50s, but they became friendly and Bob wanted to be a singer. He knew my Dad was, in addition to being a pianist and arranger, a vocal coach and asked Dad to teach him. They worked and worked on a song called, 'How About You' that Bob was given a chance to sing on live TV in Chicago. In the middle of the song, live, Bob forgot the words and never got through the song. It shattered him then, but it became a running joke between them for decades. To this day, Bob will call me up, I'll say 'Hello' and I'll hear, 'I like New York in June, how about you...' and I know who's calling." --RICHARD MARX
And Richard's comment on Robert as a singer? "He can definitely carry a tune, but he chose the right career."

Here's Sinatra's rendition of the dreaded How About You (wav 87K)

In playing the sheriff in the Hazard music video, his acting highlighted the elements of human complexity. He was the sheriff concerned with what was going on, thorough in his job, and one who demonstrated great conviction. Yet others viewed his character as being overzealous, having questionable motives, and left some wondering if he was responsible for Mary's death.

Images of Robert Conrad in the miniseries CentennialVeteran actor Robert Conrad has enjoyed a unique and extensive career, and his interests and achievements have gone well beyond acting. Perhaps he is best known for his role as James West, the trapped, tied, gagged, caged, bondage-bound US Secret Service Agent who always found a way to extricate  himself to become the hero in the late 1960s cult classic "The Wild Wild West." His role in the miniseries "Centennial" as well as the television series "Black Sheep Squadron" are among some of the other favorites of his fans. Conrad is one of those diverse actors who can make appearances in shows like "Maverick" (1959) and, years later, do just as well in sit-coms as evidenced by his more recent appearance in "Just Shoot Me" (1999).

About Robert Conrad...

Real name: Conrad Robert Falk | Born: March 1, 1935 | Native Town: Chicago, Illinois

Attended Northwestern University (Theater Arts major)

Skip Ward, who went on to produce The Dukes of Hazzard, was the 20th actor to audition for the role of James West, --right behind Robert Conrad who was 19th.

Conrad is the only actor to be inducted into the Stuntman's Hall of Fame. 

During the W3 series, Conrad performed live stunts at rodeo shows where fellow stuntman, friend, & cast member R.M. Cangey would make an unsuspected jump from the stands to knock Conrad off the horse and the struggle would end in a gunfight. Once security suffered a severe scare as they didn't know it was just an act. Conrad often would sing at these events as well.

Conrad has boxed, and is learned in the martial arts. During his residence in the High Sierras, he was an avid skier. His competitive nature earned him a championship in a senior-division skiing competition.

Robert's sons, Shane & Christian Conrad, are also actors. Notable appearances include Christian's guest starring roles on Star Trek Voyager and L.A. Heat while Shane played the big man on campus in "The Brady Bunch Movie" (1995).

Photo of Robert and Lavelda ConradRobert and his wife LaVelda (actress LaVelda Fann).

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