Photo of Hazard, Nebraska from 4,000 ft. above
Hazard from above. Photo taken October 21, 2001

Downtown Insert:
Faith Lutheran Church
Former Gas Station - home to our "Welcome to Hazard" sign.
Former Hazard Cafe - the last to operate it was Harold & Nellie Grobe, then George & Jeanette Kucera.
Original bldg. was Farmer's State Bank, organized in 1919. Then used as a living quarters for George Fors, who ran the grocery store in the adjacent bldg. Later, Charlie and Kate Hawley used this building to buy and sell cream & eggs. It was later converted to a cafe by Maynard and Coreen Kucera
Former tavern area that adjoined the cafe. Original bldg. was a grocery store in front and a cold locker in back (before home freezers were commonplace). After Mr. Fors, Elliot and Bernice Brisbane ran the grocery store and locker until the early 1970s.
Hazard Town Hall
Hazard Volunteer Fire Dept.
Seed Storage and Supply
Hazard's most historic building - home to the Trumble Hardware Store,  the post office seated in the north front section, a grocery store, and last used as a bar and grill until around 1950.
Hazard Post Office
The Wolf Den Café
Former Grocery Store - owned and operated by Jim and Babe Erazim. Store closed around 1970.