Llamas, Emus and Rheas on the Nebraska Farm

This 4 mo. old baby llama,
llama baby picture  llama baby was resting in straw
 can still be seen nursing at times.

Which came first...
farm kitten sniffing rhea egg  kitten and egg picture
the kitten or the egg?

An emu likes to eat  a slice of bread
emu on Nebraska farm  emu eating bread
 as indicated in the above photo.

Here is a rhea and a Robyn
rhea picture  Robyn egg picture
Rhea egg? ...or Robyn egg?

Size comparison of emu egg
picture of large emu egg
and chicken egg.

While we're on the subject of eggs...
donna on her farm holding an emu egg
everyone in the neighborhood thinks Donna is a good egg! All these fun farm animals belong to Donna and her husband, Leroy, and they always make us feel welcome when we visit their homestead. Donna names all her farm animals, young and old. The Lammers have a large collection of conventional and exotic animals. Donna acquired the rhea 9 yrs. ago, so you can imagine, she is quite attached to her farm critters!

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photos taken October 20, 2002