Nebraska Photo Gallery

Angel fountain at the church in Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska
Huskers Over Saddam
Angel Fountain - Pioneer Village Church
Pioneer Village

In the Field w/ Holsteins
driving a tractor
Wind Rowing Alfalfa
pictures of harvesting soybeans and corn
Harvesting  2002
Holstein cows eating corn
Holstein Heaven
autumn trees in Nebraska
Autumn 2002

Beaver Creek State Park, Sherman County
Beaver Creek
red barn sheep farm
Poison Ivy Sign, Fort Kearny State Park
Platte River in Autumn
October Flowers
October Flowers
A sunrise in central Nebraska ~ May '02
Nebraska Sunrise

Wild Sunflowers, Pigs & Horses
John Deere Tractor
summer cornfield in Nebraska
Nebraska Cornfields
drought corn in Nebraska
 Drought Corn
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Platte River aerial view
River & Farmland Photos
Civil War Soldiers/Camps at Ft Kearny
Ft Kearny ~July 4, 03
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Chase/Dundy county line
Chase Co. Church
rural mailbox pictures
Rural Mailboxes

Cody on his horse

Gavin on his farm 4-wheeler
Gavin 'n ATV

Micala at Hazard Daze ~ 2002
Micala 'n Banjo

newborn calf picture
Winter Calf

Nebraska Alfalfa Field Picture
Alfalfa Fields

Nebraska Pasture Land
Windmills & Pastures

Gorilla in Henry Doorly Zoo ~ Omaha
Zoo Walk

picture of llama on Nebraska farm
Llamas 'n More

Nebraska grasshopper on soybean plant

picture of sorghum in Nebraska

winter scene in Nebraska
Winter Scenes

Holstein photo

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