Nebraska is an Indian word meaning "broad flat water"
Nebraska located in the center of the USA, called the Plains
The United States of America

(Nebraska Facts and Figures)
is located in the very center of the United States of America.
The central part of the U.S. is commonly referred to as the Plains.

How Nebraska county numbers were assigned:
According to Steve Williams, Business Development Division of NE Dept. of Economic Development, the numeric assignments found on NE license plates were devised in 1922, based on the 1920 census total population ranks for the 93 counties. Douglas county is #1 being the most populated and, at the time, Hooker county #93 was the least populated.
CapitalLincoln ~
 Home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers
Lancaster county
Statehood: Mar. 1, 1867 (37th state) Governor: Dave Heineman
decade by decade
of Nebraska Population
2000 Nebraska Census:
1,711,283 residents
(Interesting Fact)
132,878 new Nebraska residents since 1990, an 8.4% increase
State flower
State tree
State song
Beautiful Nebraska
Mormon Trail -- In 1846, the Mormons left Nauvoo because of conflict and mistrust under the leadership of the new president, Brigham Young. They crossed the river and established winter quarters north of Omaha, Neb. The following spring, 143 men, three women and two children began their journey toward Salt Lake City, Utah, traveling in 75 wagons. In May 1847, an "odometer" was installed to count the revolutions of the wagon wheel to calculate mileage. The odometer could tally ten miles before starting over. This thousand-mile march is now known as the "Mormon Trail."  --taken from Genoa Historical website 
Cornhusker State
Equality before the Law
State bird:
Western Meadowlark

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