Pioneer Village
~Kearney County~
Elaine and Robyn lean on the ol' steam engine train. A local Mindenite makes straw brooms.
A 1950's kitchen can be seen among other decades of memorabilia
 and an old fashioned carousel delight the many visitors to Pioneer Village each year.

Pioneer Village-Minden,Nebraska
(pictured below) Elaine and Steve on the steps of the Pioneer Village Church.
 The church steeple is dated 1884,
(which can be seen on page 2) 
and services are held here every Sunday during the summer months.

Pioneer Village-Minden, Nebraska
Within the church Elaine is saved by the bell (or maybe an angel?)
 next to the beautiful 'Angel Fountain'.
  Page 2 for photo of the Pioneer Village Church and Angel

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photos taken April, 2001