Fort Kearny ~ Kearney County Nebraska
July 4th, 2003

Pioneer woman petting her dog
Pioneer women found their dogs made not only a faithful companion on lonely nights but were good protection on the vast Nebraska prairie.

Union Army Camp at Ft Kearny
Union soldiers pitch their tents at Fort Kearny,
 and proudly display the US flag.

Preparing to fire canons
The men are preparing to fire the cannons.

Union Soldier of Nebraska
An officer at Ft Kearny, Terry takes his job serious.

Pioneer woman and child
Women and children were welcome attributes to these outposts as the life of the Union soldier could otherwise be a long and lonely one.

Young Union Soldier, Travis
Travis, a drummer boy in the Union army, takes an afternoon nap but the biting bugs made the rest a brief one.

Union Soldiers Firing Canons
Firing of the cannons are a lively display on the Fourth of July.

photos taken July 4, 2003