April 15, 2003

Husker Fight Song

Nebraska Guard unit on ground in Iraq

LINCOLN (AP) - Members of a Nebraska Army National Guard unit have confirmed they are on the ground in Iraq.

The Lincoln Journal Star reported the development in today's editions.

On Saturday night, Lincoln attorney and National Guard Capt. Chris Ferdico, 32, e-mailed pictures of his detachment of the Nebraska Army National Guard's 41st Rear Area Operations Center.

He is one of eight people with a red Husker flag in front of a larger-than-lifesize photo of Saddam Hussein.

"I think we were the first soldiers from the Nebraska Army National Guard in Iraq," Ferdico said in an e-mail sent last Tuesday to his fellow attorneys at the Baylor, Evnen law firm.

Nebraska Guard officials have said they could not confirm, for security reasons, the location of Ferdico's unit or any other Nebraska units deployed to the Middle East, the newspaper reported. More than 2,000 Nebraska Guard and Reserve members have been activated in recent months.

Forty soldiers from the unit, including Ferdico, spent six months in Macedonia two years ago serving as a clearinghouse for U.S. troops and equipment headed into Kosovo.

About 25 members of the unit were called to active duty in February, going first to Fort Hood, Texas, before they were deployed overseas.

Ferdico said in his first-e-mail that he was with a small detachment from his unit "that moved forward to help plan future ops, but things keep moving so fast that we keep jumping and our unit hasn't caught up with us yet."

He also said he was hot and dirty and couldn't say where he was, "but things are going well."

Article courtesy Kearney Nebraska CyberHub

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