Beaver City 
and other Furnas County landmarks
*Photos and information courtesy Donna

Top left: Beaver City Post Office, located on the brick streets of Beaver City.  
Top middle: Monument to Civil War veterans is in the Beaver City town square.
Top right: Two-story log house located east and south of Wilsonville. This is one of only three 2-story log houses remaining in Nebraska.
Bottom left: Nebraska Historical Marker honoring a physician from Beaver City, Dr. Frank Brewster  
(to read the full document on marker
click here for the Flying Doctor from 1919). 
Bottom middle: On Beaver City’s town square is a general store that has fixtures and service carried over from an earlier time. The store is owned and operated by the Shafer family. They will be opening a museum next summer which will contain many turn-of-the-century general store artifacts. 
Bottom right: Antique bench and advertisement sign for "Hayward's Custom Shoes, $3.50",  also located in Shafer's.

*Special thanks to Donna Anthony from California (formerly of Furnas County, Nebraska) for providing with these fine photos and information. 

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