Boys Town

Father Flanagan's Girls and Boys Town in Nebraska
Official Website : Girls and Boystown of America

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In 1917, Father Flanagan, a young priest from Omaha, was concerned for neglected and homeless boys, and those that were surely headed for a life of crime. His willingness to become actively involved was the beginning of Boys Town.
Boys Town has grown into a small city within Omaha, NE and branches out with organizations across the US.
The largely expanded organization is now appropriately called "The Girls and Boys Town of America" as it serves both in time of need.
Facility Name:

Girls & Boys Town

Address: The Village of Boys Town 
City, ST Zip  Boystown, Nebraska 68010 (Omaha suburb)
Phone # 800-321-4171
Contact E-mail Please Call 800 Number
Locations in Nebraska and other states. See website for specific locations

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