Dustin's art car
In addition to the J. Does the 'Art Cars' love making the scene as this one use to drive down
down Frederick St.  just a few short years ago....
Dustin with his art work
(above) is Dustin (creator of the above art car) in his Kearney, Nebraska home
 shortly before the move to Omaha July 2001.

Blackie the Cat
 Blackie the Cat, before his untimely death

Derry listening to music in Omaha apartment
(above) Derry sitting in his brother, Dustin's, Omaha home with more of Dustin's
 art work in background.-- March 12, 2002
Dustin ~approx age 7
Dustin (CrustyDusty) ~ Age 6 ~ Summer 1986

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most above photos taken 2001/2002