Herefords, Charolais, Angus and...
Texas Longhorns?  in Nebraska

Texas Longhorn in Nebraska

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These Texas Longhorns belong to Donna and Leroy in Sherman county, Nebraska. Donna names all of her animals....
image of Texas Longhorn
this is Prairie Flower


Texas Longhorn in Nebraska
and above is Fannie

Charolais bull picture
Charolais bull outstanding in HIS field

Charolais at the water tank
Windmill, Charolais and yucca plants

F1 Angus picture
F1 (Angus X  Hereford) cross-breed cow

Hereford cow
Hereford cow nursing her calf


cattle crossing sign
Appropriate sign for the neighborhood

Angus cows picture
♪ Tea for two ♪

Hereford bull photo
Hereford bull posing proudly

Corriente Calf 

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photos taken September, 2002