parade of Holstein cows

"...who needs a curling iron when you're beautiful 24/7.
 I'll be frank with you, moo"

QuickTime Video → Holstein sniffing out the photographer - 762kb

close-up image of Holstein cow in Nebraska CLICK ON SMALLER IMAGE TO ENLARGE

We Holsteins love the husks from the corn stalk!
We mow them down like you humans chow down on popcorn n' potato chips...→

picture of Holsteins eating corn husks

Close-up image of Holstein cow

Holstein photo

close-up image of Holstein steer
Aren't I cute?!

Holstein's love the smell of corn
Okay, we're on to you...

Holstein image friend is trying to sleep

grazing Holstein cows
We love 'group-grazing'

Holstein cow picture
Sometimes Nebraska resembles Ireland

Holstein cow and Robyn
In this zoo, you can feed the animals

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