Planting Nebraska Corn ~ 2003

Kyle planting corn May ~ 2003

Kyle is planting his corn on May 16th, 2003 in central Nebraska. I felt privileged to ride along in his tractor for some action photos as he planted. These rows of corn can be seen at 2 weeks of age in the bottom 2 photos of this webpage. Kyle said the red coating on the corn seedling is an insecticide called Captan, and the liquid squirting out onto the seeds while planting is an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer called 10-34-0, with zinc additives. ~Thanks for the ride Kyle!

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Planting corn in the Spring~03

View from inside the tractor cab

Riding in tractor for action photos

Accu-rate digital readout for # acres planted

Kyle & Steve looking at the corn seedling planted

Picture of red coating on corn seedling

Baby Corn

Field of baby corn in Nebraska

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photos taken May 2003